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Surco Ornimental Pieces

Acrylic Carrom Coins (replaces Kings)

Lightweight, plastic carrom pieces, made by Ashwin, are good for any inexpensive board. The resilient material provides added rebound and smooth play on a board with a narrow frame and thin ply.


Acrylic Coins (not pictured)
$5 + $3 S&H
Surco Ornamental Pieces

Bosco Carrom Coins

Bosco carrom men are adequate for any beginners set. A little heavier than the acrylic coins, they may seem slow on the least expensive boards.

Bosco $5 + $3 S&H
Carrom Coins
Surco Ornamental Pieces

Ashwin Corona Coins

Attractive high qualitywood carrom men in molded plastic box (not as pictured).

Ashwin Corona $10 + $3 S&H
Carrom Coins
Surco Ornimental Pieces

Champion Carrom Coins

A classic coin. Polished finish, medium weight. New stock made by Ashwin.

$7 + $3 S&H
Carrom Coins
Surco Ornimental Pieces

Rozy Carrom Coins
Replaces Break to Finish
(in plastic box, not as pictured here)

Now discontinued, Ashwin Break to Finish were the tournament standard for many years. They have been used in all ICF and USCA tournaments but were recently replaced by Ashiwn Rozy. They come in a white palstic box and are still the coin of choice by professional players.

Rozy carrom coins $12 + $3 S&H
Carrom Coins
Surco Ornimental Pieces

Synco Signature Coins (in plastic box, not as pictured here)

These carrom men are used at USCA, ICF, and other national tournaments. Though Ashwin's Break to Finish have been the industry leader for years, Signature coins by Synco are equally uniform. They meet tournament specifications, are well finished and play true.

Synco Signature Coins $13 + $3 S&H

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