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As with many handmade items imported from India, our wooden carrom boards are rarely perfect. Small cosmetic imperfections, repaired paint, and some rough workmanship on the backside can be expected even in the boards we designate as "First Quality". None of our "first quality' boards have any defets that affect play. If we find, however, that there are more serious flaws in the finish or inconsistencies in the materials, we will sell these only as "Second Quality" items. We have two categories for such products, "blems" and "seconds", both of which are offered for sale at a 20%30% discount.


"Blemished" boards have some flaw in the finish that in no way affects play. There can be mars on the surface of the frame but, unless specifically noted, there will be no damage to the playing surface. All boards may show a crackling of the finish where the frame members join in the corner. As the wooden frame expands and contracts, it naturally causes a crack in the paint on top of the frame corners. Such flaws are purely cosmetic and will not affect the strength or durability of the board.

Factory Seconds

Before selling any board as "First Quality", they are carefully inspected to be sure that the playing surface is flat and that all of the frame members are straight. We place a one meter metal straight edge on the surface of each board, as well as along the frame members - if there is any gap showing at either the ends (indicating a "dome" in the center) or in the middle (indicating a "dip" in the center), the board is designated "Second Quality". Usually this gap is less than 1/8" and most people might not even notice such a defect. In our effort to provide only the finest products, however, we feel it necessary to advise our customers of such flaws and discount the board appropriately. It is possible that slow coins, especially along the rails, may curve very slightly as a result of these imperfections.

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