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Precise Carrom Boards

Carrom board   Carrom board
Champion Natural A-One $300   Champion Elegant $350
Precise Industries was the first Indian manufacturer to introduce the reinforced frame and super-smooth waterproof playing surface. We now carry only their best boards since their prices reflect their greater attention to detail. The Champion Natural, now called A-One, is exactly the same board as the Champion Elegant, with a 3" x 2" frame and 16mm playing surface. The only difference is in the playing surface itself, which has Indian ply, rather than Baltic Birch, laminated to 12 mm MDF. They both play very fast and are sturdy, heavy boards perfect for tournament play. 53 lbs

  Precise's top-of-the-line tournament model is still used for International Carrom Federation tournaments played in Asia. The Champion Elegant compares favourably to boards manufactured in Europe and the US, though their innovations have now been duplicated by Indian manufacturers such as Synco, Surco, and Diamond. The Champion Elegant features a 16mm playing surface, with Baltic Birch ply laminated onto MDF, and a 3" x 2" reinforced frame. 53 lbs

Carrom board  
Bull-Dog A-One $400
The Precise Bull-Dog A-One is comparable to competition boards of old with its extra wide frame and thicker playing surface. It features a 4" x 2" frame and a 20mm Indian plywood playing surface. As a result, it is extremely heavy so only order this board if you are prepared to build some muscles moving it around. Extra shipping charges may apply to the West Coast. Email ahead of time to get a rate. 70 lbs

All carrom boards come with Break to Finish coins and Tournament striker. Prices include shipping to the lower 48.

Note: All boards meet ICF regulations and standards (Playing surface: 29" x 29")

Actual products may vary slightly from images shown.

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