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Surco Carromboards

Carrom Board   Carrom board
Surco Ellora (old stock) $75   Surco Ellora (new) $125
These boards are remnants of one of our first shipments. Some had flaking of the paint on the frames, which have been retouched, while others have small mars on the playing surface. These boards are in good playing condition despite these cosmetic flaws. Call or email for more info.   Even though the Surco Ellora is our least expensive carrom board, it still has an 8mm playing surface and 2 1/8" frame. Though it is adequate for children and beginners, it is not recommended for adults or experienced players. Action will seem a bit slow and the playing surface will not be as flat as a better board. Comes with matched coins and striker. 26 lbs
Carrom Board   Carrom board
Surco Winit $175   Surco Tournament $250
The Surco Winit is a good medium-grade carrom board with an 8mm Indian ply playing surface and heavy, 2" x 3" reinforced frame. It should get 4 rebounds easily but will not be as flat or well finished as the better boards. Recommended for families and adult players interested in serious but casual play. 40 lbs

  The Surco Tournament board is a good quality tournament-style board with a 16mm solid Indian ply playing surface and a heavy 3"x2" frame. It should get 4-5 rebounds and will play almost as well as the Champion board. An economical alternative for those looking for a true competition board. 45 lbs

Carrom Board  
Surco Champion Out of stock.
The Surco Champion is comparable to any other top-of-the-line board with a 16mm Baltic Birch and MDF playing surface and a 3" x 2" frame. A very heavy and sturdy board, the Champion should get 4-5 rebounds and play very smoothly. These are the Official Carromboards of the French Carrom Association and will be used at the 2007 World Championships. 43 lbs

Out of stock.

All carrom boards come with matched coins and striker. Prices include shipping to the lower 48.

Note: All boards meet ICF regulations and standards (Playing surface: 29" x 29")

Actual products may vary slightly from images shown.

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