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About Billiboards Carrom Store

Billiboards has been selling carrom boards in North America for over 15 years, serving customers online since 1996. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service and achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Carrom is our only business and we take it very seriously.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Billiboards is operated by Billy Stevens, founder of the U.S. Carrom Association and Vice-President of the International Carrom Federation. Our name actually comes from the term "mini-billi," an Indian term highlighting the similarities between carrom and billiards.

Billy Stevens

Billy Stevens is still very active in the carrom community, promoting the game across the United States and beyond. He regularly plays in competitions, produces exhibitions and demonstrations, writes articles, and advises both the U.S. Carrom Association (USCA) and the International Carrom Federation (ICF). Billy placed eighth in the World Championships in Colombo in 1995 and has captained American teams in two World Championships. He recently represented the US in both the 2006 World Cup and the first ESPN/Star Sports carrom tournament, the "World Series of Carrom." Billy organized the First U.S. Open International Carrom Tournament, hosting over sixty players from eleven countries in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is currently active in support of the USCA. He is committed to supplying the best boards available online and personally inspects every board shipped.

The Billiboards Difference

Billiboards supplies high quality products by top manufacturers including Ashwin, Surco, Precise, Synco and more. Superior playing characteristcs are the most important considerations in purchasing a carrom board and all of ours are guaranteed to outperform standard equipment available locally. Only Billiboards checks the flatness of every board with a straight edge, both in India before shipment and here in the US, making sure that every first-quality piece is within specifications. All our boards have the reinforced frames and super-smooth waterproof finish that guarantees greater rebound and faster action.

That being said, all carrom products available today are handmade in India, without the benefit of modern machinery and technology. As a result, slight variations in finish and materials are normal. No piece is perfect and no two are identical. Our suppliers have assured us that our products are specially manufactured under their strictest quality control, surpassing the quality of their standard domestic and export lines.

As a result, our prices are often higher than other vendors. But, we are confident that no better carrom boards can be purchased anywhere. Many resellers choose the least expensive products and manufacturers. Others regard carrom primarily as a sideline, without a player's understanding of technical issues or attention to detail. Terms like "tournament" or "professional" should be viewed skeptically at some sites. Our experience, with over twenty years of ICF and USCA competition, ensures that boards we provide are truly of international tournament quality.

Carrom has been growing in recognition rapidly over recent years especially in the Western Hemisphere. Now there are regular competitions around the US and beyond. Look around the rest of our site to find out more indepth information on carrom or have a look at our range of carrom boards and accessories.

So, don't just hang around grab a board, start practicing, and join the World of Carrom.

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