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The board finally arrived after getting delayed due to weather! Its a fantastic board, and it arrived in great shape thanks to the very thorough packaging! Thanks very much! I will definitely recommend you to some of my friends who are also looking to purchase boards. Have a fantastic holiday season!

Billy, Just received the board and everything is in top shape. It was a pleasure doing business with you...Thanks once again for everything... amit

Hey received packages today.  BTW if the board had not been double-boxed it would have been damaged. There was a golf ball sized hole going through outer box, through syro but puncture stopped short of inner box. Board plays fast, a night&day difference.  Thanks, John

Got the board, I guess you were right, my patience paid off, board is great, I'm loving it already.  Thanks a lot.  You have definitely got a customer, I will recommend you to anybody I know who would want to buy a carrom board, now that I've one, I'm pretty sure they are going to buy one too, or may be not, everybody is just so busy these days. But if I ever buy one again or if someone is looking to buy one, I'm definitely going to send them to you.   again.. Thank you for your service. Syed

Hi, Yes, board arrived safely, played lots of game that weekend and to be honest with you I never played in such a nice board even in India. Thanks a lot Regards Shankar

billy, i received my carrom table and have already enjoyed sharing it with many of my friends. thanks a lot nate

Hey Billy, Sorry about the delay. I received the order in veru good condition. AM very happy with it. Thanks a lot. Sameet


Dear Billy, I just received the carrom board today, Aug. 17 , and want to thank you for all you've done. We've already had a few rounds on the board, it's a little different from the board we played in South Africa, but it is still a lot of fun.  Just wanted to let you know, everything came in one piece, and we really enjoyed ourselves tonight. Thank you so much, once again. Best regards Charmaine

Hi Billy, I got the carrom today. It arrived safely. Its in good condition. We already played couple of games. Thanks a lot, Regards, -Nikhil

Thank You very much for the quick response.  I received the carrom board yesterday.  I really appreciate all your help.  Thank you so much.   Ruba

Thanks. Your services had been excellent and would definitely reccommend to my friends if anyone needs Carrom. Prashant

Dear Mr. Stevens,   Thank you so very much for the carrom board that arrived around 6pm on 3/22.  My daughter and granddaughter took it home and have it set up.  Thank you so much for helping me with this.   Sincerely, Cathy

We got the board and coins a couple of days ago.  We like it very much...and have a lot of fun late into the does not do any good for my day job though :) Cheers,

Hello Billy: This is Uma. I completed the transaction via PayPal as you suggested. I attached the receipt. Thanks again for spending time and explaining the details of the boards. I am impressed with your knowledge and interest in this game.

Hello, My game arrived safely and I have already enjoyed my first match.  Thank you very much. -Dana

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